Ocoee River Rafting Center

Middle Ocoee Rafting Trips

Are you ready to have some fun on America's most famous stretch of continuous Class III & IV whitewater rapids? The Middle Ocoee River is a 5-mile stretch of whitewater that takes you through rapids such as Grumpy’s, Broken Nose, Diamond Splitter, and Table Saw. Our guides enjoy the Ocoee River as much as our customers do. The more they get to play on the rapids the more they enjoy it, just as you will. You may even decide you want to ride the Bull through Double Trouble. The Middle Ocoee River provides enjoyable excitement for everyone. We hope you’ll join us this year to experience Ocoee River rafting, a whitewater adventure you won’t forget! For the Middle Ocoee dates and times click here to view the Rafting Calendar.

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